Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There are still a few folks trying to plant some rice. The most common question is what variety is the best to plant in June. In general, the best varieties are the best varieties planted late. Later maturing varieties do better than earlier maturing varieties. The hybrids are good selections because of the yield potential and disease resistance. My experience with the Clearfield varieties is that tend to lose more yield potential when planted in June that many of the conventional varieties. Be cautious about the increased risk for rice blast. Francis does well planted late, as long as you can manage the flood effectively to control rice blast.

Ultimately, all varieties are going to yield less than they would have if they had been planted in April. Decisions should be made with the assumption that my yield is going to be no more than about 120 bushels/acre. I know that higher yields can be obtained with June planted rice. It is better, however, to expect less than what you get than to get less than enough to make ends meet.

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